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  • C. TRIA Protein Bar
  • C. TRIA Protein Bar

C.TRIA プロテインバー

C. TRIA Protein Bar


■ Features of C. TRIA Protein Bar

A satisfying protein bar with a crunchy texture .

While not using milk protein 1 15.6g in book of protein can be obtained .
Vitamins such as biotin and folic acid, which are nutrients derived from crickets , minerals such as iron and zinc * , and other nutrients that tend to be deficient* , can be easily and deliciously consumed .
It is recommended not only as a protein intake after exercise, but also as a snack during a busy morning or when you are hungry .

■ Raw material name

Quasi- chocolate (domestic production ), soy puff,
Edible cricket powder , powdered soy protein ,
almonds / trehalose , calcium carbonate ,
Emulsifiers , fragrances , ( partially contains wheat , milk ingredients ,
(including almonds and soybeans )

■ Nutrient information display
(per 37g)

Energy 182kcal, protein 15.6g, fat 8.9g, carbohydrate 10.4g, salt equivalent 0.56g

■ Allergy notation

*Contains wheat and soybean ingredients derived from cricket feed.
* Contains ingredients similar to shrimp and crab derived from cricket powder.

*In rare cases, it has been reported that ingestion of insects causes allergy-like symptoms. If you are taking this product for the first time, we recommend that you try a small amount first.

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