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Terms of Customer Reviews

Terms of Customer Reviews

Grilous Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") establishes the review terms (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") of our official online shopping site Grilous Online (hereinafter referred to as "this store") as follows.

Article 1 Use of Customer Review Function
Users are deemed to have agreed to abide by this "Review Submission Agreement" at the time of voting, posting, and viewing the customer review function.

Article 2 Contents of the Customer Review Function

Customer Reviews is a function that allows customers to post reviews of products purchased from Grilas Online. It consists of votes (evaluation points/ratings) and posts (writing) based on your own responsibility and use based on your own responsibility. Therefore, Grilous Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which operates Grilous Online, does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, legality, and completeness of the posted votes (evaluation points, ratings) and posts (writings).・We do not make any guarantees such as usefulness. Please use it at your own discretion. In addition, posting of personally identifiable information (phone number, e-mail address, SNS account, address, etc.) is prohibited. Please note that we will not compensate for or be involved in any damages caused by the content posted in customer reviews, or troubles between customers or between customers and third parties .

Article 3 Handling and Permission of Customer Reviews
Unauthorized reproduction or use by customers of evaluation scores and posted content in customer reviews is prohibited. When a customer votes or posts a customer review, we or a third party approved by us may use the content for secondary use (permitting publication in magazines or websites, etc. Reproduction, publication, transmission, publication, translation, etc.)・Including adaptation, editing, reprinting, etc.) In addition, please be aware in advance that the content voted and posted in customer reviews may be used as reference materials, marketing data, etc., or provided to third parties. When using the customer review function, the following acts are prohibited.

  1. (1) To reproduce, duplicate, send, transfer, distribute, distribute, resell, or store information provided by Customer Reviews for the purpose of copying or other means without the prior consent of the Company.
  2. (2) infringe the intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, know-how) of us, other users or third parties;
  3. (3) posting content that can identify an individual;
  4. (4) Posting anything other than product evaluation
  5. (5) Contrary to public order and morals
  6. (6) Leading to criminal acts
  7. (7) Disadvantage other customers or third parties
  8. (8) Interfering with the operation of customer reviews, or damaging our credibility
  9. (9) Anything else that the Company deems inappropriate

Regarding the use and access to the services provided by Grilas Online and our company, regardless of whether in whole or in part, customers may not engage in sales activities or other commercial activities, or similar activities or preparations for such activities. shall not be used. In addition, it shall not be used for purposes such as religious or political activities.


In addition, even if it does not correspond to or is similar to the above, please note that it may be unavoidably kept private due to the management and operation of customer reviews, Grilas Online and other services.

Article 4 Nondisclosure of Customer Reviews

In order for everyone to use customer reviews comfortably, content that corresponds to or is similar to the following, or content that requests the following information may be withheld without prior notice. In addition, we will judge whether or not it falls under the subject of non-disclosure.

  • (1) Content that includes harmful programs, scripts, etc.
  • (2) Content that infringes on the rights or privacy of others
  • (3) Content that slanders others
  • (4) Content that can identify an individual
  • (5) Content that leads to or encourages criminal activity
  • (6) Content that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, know-how);
  • (7) Content that violates laws and public order and morals
  • (8) Content that leads to or encourages serious dangerous behavior
  • (9) Profit-oriented content, content that proposes personal trading or transfer, and advertising
  • (10) Acts of voting or posting (writing) multiple times on the same product or service by the same person or group
  • (11) Acts of intentionally manipulating evaluation scores
  • (12) Content that interferes with customer reviews or other services of Grilous Online
  • (13) Content unrelated to product evaluation
  • (14) Other content that our company deems inappropriate

Also, even if it does not correspond to or is similar to the above, please note that it may be unavoidably kept private due to the management and operation of customer reviews, Grilas Online, and other services.

Article 5 Copyright, etc.
At the time when the customer conducts a customer review, the copyright law rights such as duplication, public transmission, distribution, translation, adaptation, etc. shall be granted to us by the customer free of charge. Specifically, customers are requested to observe the following items.

(1) Unauthorized reproduction or use of Grilous Online content is prohibited. However, the person who wrote it is excluded.

(2) In the case of statistical analysis that discloses to the extent that an individual cannot be identified.

(3) Grilous Online or a third party who has been sublicensed by us to use your written content for purposes such as providing content to Grilous Online sites, sites operated by our company, and sites affiliated with our company. We may. In doing so, we may summarize or excerpt part of the customer's written content, or change the size of the posted photo (image), cut it out, or otherwise modify it. In addition, please note that when using the contents of a customer's post, we may display the handle name or nickname that the customer posted. In addition, we will use it with the utmost care, but in the unlikely event that such modification acts infringe on the customer's honor, reputation, etc., please contact us.

(4) If Gurirus Online or a third party who has received a sublicense from us uses the content written by the customer, there shall be no area restrictions, copyright indication obligation, or other incidental conditions. The period shall be as long as the copyright of the written content continues. In addition, consideration such as royalties will not occur at all.

(5) This agreement does not promise that Grilous Online and our company will give you permission to use the written content. Therefore, with the exception of the person who wrote the content, using it for commercial purposes (regardless of the form of use, reproduction, duplication, copying, sale, resale, etc.) regardless of whether it is in whole or in part. is prohibited.

Article 6 Privacy
Your registration information and personal information about you acquired by Grilas Online will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy. For the privacy policy of Grilas Online, please refer to the description here . Please note that we may send an e-mail to the e-mail address obtained as a Grilous Online member in the event of inappropriate writing by the customer or if there is an important notice.

Also, please note the following: The posting of personal information or information that could identify an individual is prohibited in customer reviews of Grylas Online. We pay the utmost attention to the protection of personal information, but in the unlikely event that such a post is made, we will try to take measures such as non-disclosure as soon as possible. However, please note that we will not compensate for or be involved in any damages caused by the posted content or troubles between customers.

Third party sites that you may access through Grilous Online may operate independently from us. Personal information and other information may be collected in accordance with individual privacy regulations and data collection regulations, but we do not assume any obligation or responsibility for the operations and regulations of these parties. . It is your responsibility to maintain and manage your personal information, passwords and registration information.

Article 7 About this Agreement This "Review Submission Agreement" is subject to change without notice. The changed contents shall take effect immediately upon being posted on the Grilous Online site.


Inquiries are accepted from the inquiry page.

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Date of enactment: June 4, 2021

Last revised date: March 4, 2022