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*The typical livestock product is cattle. *This data is survey data compared by Grilas Co., Ltd.

[Source] Greenhouse gas: Oonincx et al., 2010. / Water amount: Pimentel et al., 2004. / Feed amount: van Huis, 2013

Turning “delicious for one person” into “happy for everyone”

Turning “delicious for one person” into “happy for everyone”

Growing crickets from food waste to produce new proteins
Circular hood® brand C. TRIA (seat rear)

Grow crickets from food waste,
produce new proteins

Circular Food® brand

Product list

Benefits of edible crickets

About C.TRIA

C. TRIA comes from "C" meaning "three (TRIA)". The three "C's" stand for Circulated, Cultured, and Cricket.
The Circular Food® brand was born to solve the “protein crisis” that will occur in the world within a few years and the “food loss problem” that has already become a global issue.

About Circular Hood®

Recycling-type ingredients and foods produced using new technology developed to utilize food waste as the main raw material, aiming to reduce the environmental burden in order to realize a sustainable society. Circular food is expected to contribute to target 12.3 of the SDGs, and at the same time aims to build a new food cycle on a global scale.