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[Episode] Thoughts put into C.TRIA. Let's create the future with circular food!

C.TRIA was born as a brand specializing in “circular food,” a cyclical food that grows crickets from food loss and creates new proteins. I would like to introduce the thoughts I put into the launch.

"Circular food" that realizes a circular food cycle

According to a report released by the United Nations in 2019, the world's population is expected to increase by approximately 2 billion people in the next 30 years, and food problems accompanying rapid population growth. In particular, it is said that dealing with animal protein shortages of more than 100 million tons will be a major issue. In the shadow of this, many countries, including Japan, are experiencing food loss of 1.3 billion tons annually, equivalent to about one-third of all food produced in the world.

Food shortages and mass waste. We affectionately named the recycling-oriented food created by upcycling food waste as a solution to this conflicting problem, “circular food”. C. TRIA (Seatria) is a brand that changes the relationship between you and crickets, and between you and crickets, with a new concept product that makes use of "edible crickets", one of the circular foods.


Wider and closer. A brand born to hear voices.

Grilous Co., Ltd., as a raw material manufacturer that produces "edible crickets", has worked with many business partners to spread ``circular food'' to the world. Why are you launching your own brand at this time? The answer is also that we are a raw material manufacturer.

MUJI's cricket crackers and ANTCICADA's cricket ramen. Many people have picked up products that use Grilas cricket powder, but we don't know what kind of people actually bought them. Because crickets are a new food and ingredient, it is necessary for us, who know circular food best, to take risks to develop products and deliver them directly to the final customer, in order to establish a new food culture. I thought.

We believe that frank opinions from customers are the key to greatly accelerating both the popularization of ``circular food'' and product development in which we are involved as a raw material manufacturer. C.TRIA was born out of the single-minded desire of the person in charge of development to "want to hear more about customer feedback."


"Circulated Cultured Cricket" ≡ G (Gryllus)

C stands for "Circulated Cultured Cricket" and Tria is the number 3. These three C's are represented by the brand logo. Imagine that the "≡" part is a congruence sign used for mathematical proofs, and behind it is the "G" of Gryllus. "When you think of circular food, you think of Grilous." We put our desire to create such a future into the brand name and logo.


Things to come

What we want to aim for is ``a brand with a body temperature''. It's still an immature industry, and the correct answer has not been decided, so the voices of everyone who picks it up will be a signpost. Taking advantage of our own brand, we are willing to absorb any opinions and update our products.

“The time has come.” “Crickets are surprisingly delicious.”

"But why should I eat crickets in the first place?"

We also secretly aim that the circular food we make will trigger awareness of various social issues.

Through the brand C.TRIA, we will create a future where crickets take root as a natural part of Japanese culture.

I would be happy if we could walk together.


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