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[ PARTNER'S VOICE ] VOL.3 Takara Shokuhin

We were in charge of manufacturing "C. TRIA Curry" sold as the second product.
Mr. Kazuma Mukai, Development Department, Takara Foods Co., Ltd.

Impressions of using it as a raw material

It was my first time working with crickets, so I was a bit apprehensive, but when I opened the bag (of powdered crickets), it smelled fragrant and tasted good, and it was rich in protein and calcium. When I heard that, I put a lot of effort into development!

At first, some of my colleagues were reluctant, and it was difficult to remove the hurdles for everyone to get them to try the prototypes. , now naturally enjoys improving and developing cricket products.

Message to consumers

Just like us, it is understandable that the hurdles to eating only the word "insect food" are high. That's why the three new curries contain different amounts of cricket powder. I think that it has become a product that anyone who is even slightly interested can try it at their own pace.

If you are interested in crickets as a food, or if you are interested but feel that the hurdles are a little high, please give it a try!

To manufacturers considering cricket powder

I think there are many factory workers who are concerned about allergies when introducing it, but it is a raw material that is simply delicious, rich in protein, and has excellent nutritional value. Before considering whether to introduce it, I would like you to try the new food called crickets!