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Thank you for your cooperation in the development of "C. TRIA Bread" to be sold as the second product.
Pan For You Co., Ltd. Persons in charge

[Pan For You Co., Ltd.]

With the mission of "creating a new bread economic zone and contributing to the local economy", we solve all the problems faced by local bakeries with our unique refrigeration technology and the power of IT. A venture company that provides a three-way platform that connects “make, sell, and eat”.

Pan For You received an inquiry from Grilas, and they accompanied us from the selection of a manufacturer (bakery) that can undertake the production of cricket bread to commercialization!

Impressions of using it as a raw material

I wasn't very familiar with crickets, so I was curious about what kind of bread it would make, but I had no idea what it would taste like.

Depending on the powder mixture, the swelling is not good, and that was a difficult point in the development of this time, but when I ate it, it was simple and delicious.

To manufacturers considering cricket powder

While creating relationship value with the food business, which has been hot in recent years, such as cultured meat and alternative proteins, we can create new PR that combines with the OEM business that we are focusing on. It has become a business with great potential in the context of SDGs-like environmental issues, such as reducing food loss and solving the protein crisis. This time, the development started with an order from Mr. Grilas, but I would like companies who are interested to contact us.