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[Partner's Voice] vol.2 Kotobuki Confectionery

We asked Kotobuki Seika Co., Ltd., who was in charge of product development for "C.TRIA Crunch", about their impressions of using cricket powder.


We were in charge of manufacturing the "C.TRIA Crunch" sold as the first product.
Mr. Morita from Kotobuki Confectionery Co., Ltd.

Impressions of using it as a raw material

In Japan, there is no culture of eating crickets, so it goes without saying that this is the first time I have used crickets. We started product development from zero base knowledge.

It is an excellent ingredient with a higher protein content than I imagined, and it was easy to use even when I put it in sweets. I was able to handle it without any inferiority to the raw materials used in general sweets making.

There were no major development difficulties, but the cricket powder I received this time has relatively large particles and has the original color of crickets. In the future, if we can make a cricket powder that clears that point, I think we can challenge collaborations with more various sweets.

Due to the corona crisis, development is progressing based on online meetings

To manufacturers considering cricket powder

Recently, interest in SDGs has increased within the company, and edible crickets, which are closely related to the topic of food loss, have received a great deal of attention within the company from the development stage. By coming into contact with these raw materials, we have once again become more aware of environmental issues within the company. I believe that the use of cricket powder will go beyond the framework of product development and will become an activity that has a positive meaning for both the global environment and the company.

Message to consumers

It's a simple crunch that doesn't put anything extra. It does not contain any flavorings other than those derived from chocolate, making it a simple and delicious sweet that anyone can eat without any discomfort. I believe that this product has become a good entry point for people to feel the potential of eating insects. I would be happy if you could learn something new about crickets through this chocolate crunch!


"C.TRIA Crunch" sold as the first product