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No.024 Clam soup

Cooking time: 15 minutes

“Grillus Kitchen” that delivers recipes using Grilus cricket ingredients
This time, we will introduce the must-have item for the Hinamatsuri, "Clam Soup"!

A simple clam soup, using grilus extract to adjust the flavor.
The soup is filled with the umami of clams and the umami of crickets.

Clams, which are in season right around the time of the Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival), contain a lot of amino acids, which are the source of umami, and are also rich in calcium and minerals.
He/she directs the dining table of the celebration gorgeously.


  • Gryllus extract
    1 tablespoon
  • Clams (sand removed) (A)
  • Water (A)
  • Kelp (A)
  • Sake (A)
    1 tablespoon
  • Rape blossoms
    moderate amount

How to make

  • Put (A) in a pan and heat over medium heat.
  • When the scum comes out, save it with a ladle, and when it boils, take out the kelp and lower the heat.
  • When the clams open, add sake and grilus extract to adjust the taste.
  • Pour into a bowl and garnish with canola flowers.

So crickets!

"Grillus extract" extracted from Futahoshi crickets has a condensed salty and umami flavor, making it a perfect seasoning liquid for cooking.
It has a characteristic flavor similar to seafood, and goes well with seafood such as shellfish.

Clam soup does not use bonito stock, but only clam and kelp stock, so it is officially called 'Uojiru'.
When making soup, it is customary to put clams with their mouths open in a bowl and put two clams in one clam.

When cooking, if you soak only the kombu in water for about 30 minutes before putting it on the fire, you can bring out the umami more smoothly.

Why Cricket?

The protein crisis that will occur in the future and the food loss problem that is currently occurring mainly in developed countries. In order to solve both of these problems, Grilas grows edible crickets using food waste as food.

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