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Nice to meet you, this is Grilas Online.

Hello everyone!

Nice to meet you, this is Grilas Online.

Grilas Online is an online shop operated by Grilas Co., Ltd., a startup from Tokushima University!

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[Protein Crisis]

[Food loss]

We are working hard to solve the problem.

However, issues such as the protein crisis are still poorly recognized,
Food loss is a big problem that we cannot solve by ourselves.

This time, we will be the first to introduce Grylas through our own brand products.
Thank you for making everyone aware of these issues.

I want you to be the trigger to talk to your friends and family!

With that in mind, we have started the operation of this Grilous Online.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much! !

2021.06.04 All the employees of Grilas Co., Ltd.