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Possible cracking of cookies (especially cocoa)

About the possibility of cracking cookies (especially cocoa)

Thank you for using Grilous Online.

We found that some of the cocoa-flavored C. TRIA cookies that the customer purchased this time had cracks when delivered. There is no problem with the quality, so please eat with confidence.

However, I am very sorry for disappointing everyone who came all the way to visit Grilous Online, which has just started, and have been looking forward to it.
This time, when we started selling it, many people tried it, but the most popular voice was,
"I want it to be a little more crispy because it has a strong moist feeling."
That's what it means. Therefore,
“I see.
Let's make it crispy! ”
I tried to improve it.
Then, according to the voices of everyone who tasted it, it became very delicious. I am very grateful to hear such kind words. However, there was a point that I overlooked.
That was the problem of "easily broken" this time.
In the recipe before the improvement, we repeated the transportation and delivery test many times with the delivery method (simple packaging) that we sent to you this time, and confirmed that there were no problems. seems to have weakened.
In the future, we will immediately start improving the recipe so that similar problems do not occur.
Crisp and delicious + Simple packaging won't break
We will make adjustments immediately.
I'm really sorry for disappointing everyone this time.
As a result of trying to be delicious, it lacked a little beauty.
From now on, Grilous products will be released to the world one after another.
There are mountains and valleys, and I think there are many twists and turns.
While accepting not only words of praise and happy impressions, but also harsh comments and scolding voices,
We will do our best to operate with spirit and guts.
Therefore, we would like to ask for your continued support and guidance.