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“Circular food” that creates a new circulation

While food shortages and malnutrition due to population growth are becoming more serious around the world, In many countries including Japan, food loss amounting to 1.3 billion tons per year is occurring. We use this food loss to produce crickets. By utilizing the I want to help solve the world's problems.

Eco-friendly protein source

Compared to other livestock, insects require far less food and water to produce 1kg of protein, are easy to produce in various locations, and emit little greenhouse gas during rearing. A major feature of this method is the low environmental impact that occurs during production. Among them, crickets are omnivorous, highly efficient feed, and easy to keep.

Consistent domestic production system

At Grilous, all processes from cricket production to final processing into powder as a food material are carried out at the Grilous farm in Japan. We deliver safe and secure edible crickets with thorough traceability.

Nutrient-rich next-generation protein source

In addition to being rich in protein, crickets are a well-balanced protein source that also contains many nutrients necessary for the body such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins and omega-3.

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